We got to hike on a glacier! That’s right, not near. Not next to. Not up to. ON. WE HIKED ON A GLACIER! This was the most amazing thing! I’m so thankful for a friend like Ashley, and that we were able to go on this adventure. This was soooo much fun! We packed not having any idea what to expect! We had hats, gloves, extra layers, the expectation to freeze… Do you know what we needed? Our t-shirts (and pants, of course!). Yup, it was that warm out! Now don’t get me wrong, the glacier was cold, but we couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day! In fact, Ashley couldn’t have come on a better weekend. Hands down, the nicest weather we have had our entire time here, meaning, of course, that I got burnt with 70 spf. **Sigh.

Anyway, Matanuska Glacier did NOT disappoint! With the help of MICA Guides and our amazing guide Axel, we had an amazing evening. I highly recommend this guide service; they (especially Axel) were courteous, comedic, knowledgeable, and put our safety above all else. What a spectacular way to spend Ashley’s last night here!

We drove up to the Matanuska Glacier, which is about 2 hours NE of Anchorage following a day spent about an hour South of Anchorage. We definitely put on some miles this weekend! We checked in and got our gear, which consisted of a helmet and crampons. Of course I picked the teal helmet! We ventured out in a big van (They offered us candy to get in…is that weird? Haha. Kidding.) and headed across some private lands (which of course we paid to cross), making our way to the glacier. What a spectacular sight she is! We immediately pulled out our cameras, and they were never put away!

We ventured on a short hike to the glacier, and continued to hike on it. We learned about crevasses, moulins, calving, and glacier formation. We learned a little about ice climbing, and how to secure your line when you climb. We learned that there were places we could drink the water, and it was delicious! We learned that the glacier isn’t just the beautiful blue ice that we see from afar, but extends way beyond! We were walking on the glacier long before we came to what appeared to be the glacier; it just so happens that much of the ice has a layer of dirt/mud/all sorts of things covering it. We learned that Axel is from Colorado, is working in Alaska for the summer, and happened to be hiking to Reed Lakes at the same time as us. Great minds think alike!

I will quit boring you with my rambling, and get to the pictures. But one last thing…Thank you, Ashley, for coming to visit me, and for adventuring with me. I had such a wonderful time, and cannot WAIT for our next adventure!

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