Reed Lakes

So in all the moving around the country we have done, I have been very blessed to have some formed some amazing friendships. One of these friends is Ashley, whom I met while working in Virginia. Ashley has moved around as much as we have, and just recently relocated to Osh Kosh, WI! It has been somewhere between 3 and 4 years since we saw each other last. Well, Ashley had intended to come visit me in Portland this summer, but instead came to see me in Alaska when our life plans suddenly changed! Yahoo! I’m not sure which of us was more excited (spoiler alert, it was me)! She arrived just after my birthday, and we celebrated all weekend! Another friend of ours from Virginia wasn’t able to make this trip, and we were very bummed about it. We took matters in to our own hands, and brought her along everywhere with us.

We had only a very short weekend to fit in as much as humanly possible, and that we did! Friday night we took a bike ride along the Coastal Trail, and then…then Saturday the magic happened! We joined some fabulous ladies, the Alaskan Wild Women Hiking and Backpacking Group, on a hike to Reed Lakes in the Talkeetna Mountain Range. I also had some friends on the same hike, so we spent some time with both groups and had an amazing time.

This hike was magical. I seriously have no better word to describe it! It was reminiscent of Lord Of The Rings, and was the most incredible landscape I have ever seen. I will be hard-pressed to find a hike I enjoy more than this one! Ashley was a trooper, and we ventured out on this 10 mile hike not knowing if either of us was in the necessary shape to complete this hike; it turns out we were! I can’t even pick my favorite part, as the entire hike was magnificent. So many colors of green, so many rocks, incredible mountains, an insane boulder field, waterfalls, and two incredible teal lakes. Soooo amazing!

I had just received a new camera for my birthday so I didn’t have to bring my big heavy camera along on hiking trips like this one, a Sony A6000. It is such and amazing, lightweight, mirrorless camera. I barely had time to turn it on before this trip, as I received it the night prior and had to charge the battery. I didn’t have time to learn much about it, and didn’t have the settings quite right on this trip. The pictures still were able to capture some of the magic this hike had to offer, however; enjoy! And yes, I did edit these; however, the colors really were this vibrant!

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