Crescent Lake

I only wanted to do one thing for my birthday-backpack in somewhere beautiful and camp in the backcountry for the first time ever! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place. After much back and forth, deciding the hike I had picked was a little overzealous, bad weather, running late finishing up some last minute things, and a last minute run to the store, we finally headed out around 6 pm. Way later than we had hoped! And then, of course, bad traffic. Are we back in Portland? For those unfamiliar with the area, the Seward Highway is only 2 lanes, and any incident will turn it quickly into a parking lot. After sitting at a standstill for approximately 2 hours, we were again on our way.

At this point, still being an hour or so away, we were really second guessing our plan. We were so late, and still had to hike in, set up camp, and eat dinner. Oh, and hopefully not get eaten by a bear! Obviously, we didn’t. It was a real threat, however; black bears specifically in Alaska have been abnormally aggressive this year, causing multiple deaths by mauling. It is terrifying, but to quote “my” generation, you only live once. We decided to just go for it! Never have I been more thankful to be in the land of the midnight sun!

We arrived at the trailhead for Carter and Crescent Lakes around 9 P.M. and began our journey. We checked the registration book (they are at many trailheads, and many people write information about what wildlife they saw during their hike), and saw that there were two moose spotted that day, and 4 bears the day prior. Oy Vey. We had our bear protection at the ready! We hiked up to Carter Lake and considered staying there due to the time, but I was pretty persistent that I wanted to camp at Crescent Lake, and Daniel obliged. The hike to Crescent Lake was approximately 3.5 miles, so thankfully not too far. We set up camp around 10 P.M., cooked our Mountain House Beef Stroganoff, and slept…all in complete daylight! A little sidenote about the stroganoff…when you are that hungry and don’t really pay attention when preparing it, you put double the water in and have stroganoff soup! It was still delicious, and the hot “soup” was nice to warm us up.

We were seemingly alone in this magnificent place, and I could not have asked for more. We awoke in the morning to an amazing peacefulness, looking out over Crescent Lake, and let Bruzer run free. We made a nice breakfast scramble (Mountain House again, yum!), and took our time packing up camp. Daniel did some fishing while I enjoyed being in the middle of nowhere, my happy place.

Hiking out, we ran into one couple coming up, who asked if that was our truck in the parking lot. Our nerves were on high alert, but quickly calmed when we were told that ours was the only other vehicle there. We truly had had the place to ourselves! It was the best birthday ever, especially having my two favorite boys to share it with <3 #alaska #SharingAlaska #adventureawaits #gypsysoul #krystleclearphotos #ilovemybackyard #ilivehere #thecaricaburucaravan #thegypsylife #wanderlusters #caricaburuthenomad #nomadlife #vanlife #ourwanderlusterways #fifthwheelfreedom #lifeisbetterinacamper #happycampers #homelessvanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #notallwhowanderarelost #mountainhouse #beefstroganoff #jetboil #crescentlake #carterlake #cooperlanding #sharingalaska #myhappyplace #happybirthdaytome

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