Kenai Fjords National Park

Wow. I seriously have no words for this amazing place! We took a boat tour through the Kenai Fjords National Park, and both feel that it was money well spent. We saw the most incredible scenery, and so much wildlife! They even served us a tasty lunch, and concluded the tour with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that smelled and tasted delicious!

We started the day waiting dockside in Seward to board our boat, the Tanaina (second from the left in the picture of the boats). This day was one of only a handful of days that traded in the overcast skies for the beautiful sun. On average, Seward only sees the sun on 133 days of the year; we were lucky to happen upon one of them! We were accompanied on board and quickly found seats on the top level of the boat, outside. The sky gave us an incredible show with the beautiful cloud formations all day; couple that with the amazing plush, green backdrops, glaciers, and an abundance of sea life, and life couldn’t be much better. While there are many glaciers in this area, nearly 40 of them actually, we checked out 2 specific glaciers close to our location. The first was the smaller of the two, Bear Glacier, followed by the magnificent Aialik Glacier. The Aialik Glacier is approximately 1 mile across as we see it, just to give a little perspective. Near the Ailik Glacier, there are many chunks of ice in the water from ice calving, or ice falling from the glacier. What a spectacular sight! And the ice is blue! This is due to the the fact that the ice is so dense, it absorbs every other color from the spectrum except for blue. So crazy. So beautiful. The sounds from the ice calving is also something special; add in the chill in the air and the crisp smell, and you really get all your senses going!

Our fun didn’t stop there, oh no! We were lucky enough to see several fin whales, puffins (did you know they aren’t big like penguins?! I didn’t!), bald eagles, multiple humpback whales-including a mama and calf, one continually hitting the water with it’s tale (forgive the blurry picture!), and many that were showing us their “blow,” harbor seals, sea lions, countless other birds…it was so incredible. If you are ever in the area of the Kenai Peninsula and only have time to do one thing, make it this.

The best part of this day? Meclizine, more commonly known as Dramamine Non Drowsy. Because of this miracle tablet, I was able to completely enjoy this day. This day will forever be one of my most favorite days. Ever. And I was able to spend it with My Love, making it even better <3

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